the entire cloud as a single worldwide computer

Building software in the cloud can be way simpler

How much of your time building software in the cloud is spent on interesting computation, and how much of it is spent on boring code that shovels data around or manages deployment, orchestration, system upgrades, and other devops concerns? Everybody is solving the same problems slightly differently, in ways that are overly complicated to reuse. Building these systems should be simpler. You shouldn’t need to glue together 10 different technologies just to build a multi-node system. And you shouldn’t need to write boring serialization and networking code at every process boundary. With better technology, you don’t have to.

unison.cloud is a managed cloud for Unison programs, built on the open source functional programming language Unison, which draws on decades of research and has unparalleled support for building multi-node systems. Run massively distributed Unison programs (or tiny services) atop a worldwide elastic web of managed Unison nodes; pay only for the resources you use. Integrate easily with non-Unison code and services and retain full compatibility with the open Unison ecosystem.